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Monday, June 13, 2011

Carey's Bridals

I'm so happy I can finally post these!  The one thing I hate about bridals is having to wait for the wedding to post them up for everyone to see.  To add to the impatientness (not a real word, I know), we did this shoot way back last November so it's been quite a long wait with these sitting on my hard drive aching to breath.
I was contemplating blending their engagements with her bridals but I felt she deserved a whole blog dedicated just to her and her dress. So here you are world, Carey....Cloninger!

Carey's Bridals-1Carey's Bridals-7Carey's Bridals-10Carey's Bridals-12Carey's Bridals-17Carey's Bridals-18Carey's Bridals-21Carey's Bridals-22Carey's Bridals-26Carey's Bridals-28Carey's Bridals-30Carey's Bridals-32Carey's Bridals-34Carey's Bridals-35Carey's Bridals-36Carey's Bridals-40Carey's Bridals-43Carey's Bridals-51Carey's Bridals-54

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